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1 New eco-friendly GREEN product series of CoolPave® (precast concrete pavers) and CoolMat® (precast concrete flags and roof tiles) with incorporated heat reflective properties resulting to a cooling effect! 

Cool Pave® and CoolMat® Technology 
High solar reflective Cool Technology noticeably combines the improvement of thermal comfort conditions with the reduction of energy consumption for cooling.
Ψυχρά Υλικά - Κυβόλιθοι
The Issue
Rising energy costs, the urban heat-island effect and global warming increase the need for intelligent solar heat management solutions like CoolPave® and CoolMat® products.

Cool Pave® and CoolMat® Reduce Urban Temperatures and Air Pollution
As vegetation has been replaced with non-reflective materials, temper¬ature in our cities has increased. This places a heavy demand on peak energy loads and creates health risks in non-air-conditioned buildings. In addition, increased urban air temperatures and heat increase the probability of smog incidents, which negatively affects the health of community residents. “Cool” products contribute to keeping our cities cool by maximizing the reflectivity of man-made surfaces, such as roofs, facades and pavements.

CoolPave® concrete pavers & CoolMat® Concrete Flags & Tiles
Tsimentodomi’s cool concrete pavers & tiles on the exterior pavements of the urban environment and the roofs of buildings contribute to the reduction of surface temperatures and their large scale application (city wide) could contribute to the reduction of the air temperature due to surface heat balance at the urban level, and therefore improve outdoor thermal comfort and reduce the heat island effect.

Our CoolPave® & CoolMat® technology
Reduce CO2 emissions and the probability of smog formation