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Precast concrete Roof Flag 33x33x2 cm 

With significantly reduced weight of 45 kg/m2 (compared to the standard paving flags) and at an attracting purchase price, this new concrete roof flag of the Matonela® tiles series is an ecxellent alternative to the conventional roofing materials used. Dry-installed on XPS-EPS insulation sheets, either straight away or on the special plastic supports for ease in rainwater drainage and cleaning procedures, is increasingly gaining grounds for the specific use.
With a Strength Class III (flexural stregnth > 5,0 MPa), a Load Class 30 (characteristic breaking load > 3,0 kN) and a Class II weathering resistance (water absorption < 6%), they can safely bear human weights without overloeading your roofs. Its light colour (Silver Grey) reflects the sunlight, thus maximizing the performance of the thermal insulation underneath it. 

As an extra care measure, one may use our Concrete & Terrazzo Impregnating Sealer.

Price €6,65 / 
m2 (+vat 24%) - Packaging: on wooden pallets of 30 m2