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Concrete kerb KR015 150x300x1000mm CONCRETE KERBS
We manufacture precast concrete kerbs of 4 different sizes.

One may choose among the light-duty ΚΡ006 (1000x200x60mm), the ordinary ΚΡ010 (1000x250x100mm), the heavy-duty ΚΡ015 (1000x300x150mm) or the extra heavy-duty ΚΡ020 (1000x300x200mm), according to his needs.

Moreover, in combination with KP015 or alone-standing, we produce 2 types of curved kerbs:
The first has a radius of R650mm (90o arc). Placing one next to the other 4 adjacent pieces, one may form a circle with an inner radius of 1 meter. This element may be used for turns or for tree encirclement.

The second has a radius of R2000mm and is used in combination with KP015 for open sidewalk turns in streets.

Our concrete gutters may be used in combination with our kerbs (ΚΡ010, ΚΡ015 and ΚΡ020) and cater for the drainage of rainwater. Their application helps in constructing the asphalt roadway as they offer a critical spacing between the asphalt finisher and the sidewalk thus contributing in a high quality asphalt finish.

Garden Kerb KP006 Grey 3,50 48 pcs/pallet 25 kg
Garden Kerb KP006 Coloured 4,50 48 pcs/pallet 25 kg
Residential Kerb KP010 Grey 5,50 24 pcs/pallet 52 kg
Residential Kerb KP010 Coloured 7,00 24 pcs/pallet 52 kg
Industrial Kerb KP015 Grey 7,50 15 pcs/pallet 95 kg
Curved Kerb KP015R650 Grey 10,50 16 pcs/pallet 70 kg
Curved Kerb KP015R2000 Grey 10,50 16 pcs/pallet 78 kg
Industrial Kerb ΚΡ020 Grey 8,50 15 pcs/pallet 125 kg
Gutter Kerb Grey 6,50 16 pcs/pallet 70 kg

- Prices are net FOB prices and valid for whole pallets only.