Chips and Pebbles 'Matonela' paving flags

1 Exhibiting a solid and uniform mass throughout their body, as a result of the revolutionary production process, our MatonelaÒ chipstone paving flags introduce a major improvement of quality and new dimensions of 333x333x20mm. These characteristics offer us a very easy and quick installation plus significantly lower installation costs. Therefore, these new technology paving flags are providing exterior flooring applications with a new dynamic alternative.

They are produced in various background colours and with assorted marble chip colourings at a granulometry of 5-8mm. Playful mixes of white and black chips upon a grey background, red and white chips in a white, salmon or yellow background as well as notability of grey marble chips on a grey background are just some of the design solutions these flags have to offer.
Additionally, we considered it as totally necessary to offer you the alternative of Pebble stone paving flags as well! Using pebbles of produced by ourselves - which is also available in bulk - and specifications completely harmonized with the new European & Greek Standards EN 1339:2003 these paving flags are classified at the highest Standards’ classes.

In dimensional, qualitative and technological accordance with all our other products range and with background and pebble colours similar to those of the MatonelaÒ Chip Paving Flags, the Pebble Flags come as a complementary solution to the range of exterior paving with precast concrete flags.

Type Description Price
Chipstone - Grey chips in grey matrix
- White chips in grey matrix
- Mixed white / grey chips in grey matrix
Chipstone - Mixed white/red chips in grey matrix 11,50
Chipstone - Mixed white/red chips in white matrix 12,00
Chipstone - Mixed white/red chips in beige/yellow/salmon matrix 13,00
Pebblestone - Mixed white/grey pebbles in grey matrix 12,00
Pebblestone - Whitepebbles in white matrix 13,00
Pebblestone - Mixed white/red pebbles in beige/yellow/salmon matrix 15,00

WEIGHT: 42 kg / m2 - PACKAGING: 30 m2 / pallet
- Prices do not include VAT and transport costs