Maintenance & cleaning

Exterior flooring with concrete pavers, slabs, or Matonela tiles is generally an easy task and does not require particular care since these floors may readily be cleaned of dust mud, etc with water pressure and a stiff broom..

A possible “problem” may arise with the cleaning of “difficult” stains such as oil, coffee, etc which will however be temporary since, as time goes by, these stains will gradually be absorbed and thus vanished from the tile surface. In case we wish that our Matonela tiles floor is always kept clean we have 2 options:

To use a common cleaner (pH neutral) for natural stones and marble. DO NOT USE ALKALINE OR ACID CLEANERS.

To seal the floor straight away after the tile installation. This way we protect the floor and we prevent future staining. Thus, future cleaning becomes a quicker and much easier task (remember to use always a pH neutral cleaner).

We suggest the first option in the case of concrete pavers or slabs (no sealing necessary) and the second in the case of Matonela tiles for exteriors and interiors.
If, despite all these, you wish to remove an unwanted and “difficult” stain from your floor, do not hesitate to contact us. It is preferable that you ask us before than try to clean the stain yourselves using detergents which are not suitable and may damage your floor.