Quality Policy

The vision of Tsimentodomi SA is to remain a market leader in the Greek market of the building materials’ sector and its brand name to become a synonym for quality.

To this end, Tsimentodomi SA cooperates with top national and international partners and suppliers, continuously inspecting the incoming raw materials while, simultaneously applies a Quality System according to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard, fully harmonized with its targets and needs.

We all at Tsimentodomi SA, Management and Staff, believe in continuous improvement and, therefore, commit ourselves to the following objectives:
  1. Full application and continuous improvement of our Quality System according to ISO 9000:2008
  2. Continuous training of our Staff so that a high level of technical competence is assured
  3. Continuous modernization and extensive use of all possibilities offered by the latest technological advances to achieve more efficient and effective implementation of operations.
  4. Respect to and application of the Greek and EU legislation concerning the manufactured products as well as the environment.
  5. Reduction of non-conforming products
  6. Continuous improvement of customer satisfaction
  7. Continuous innovation towards the development of new products
It is our belief, that all of the above are resulting to, not only the best image of the company in the market, but also to a feeling of pride and contentment in us all, Management and Staff of Tsimentodomi SA, who are struggling for its sustainability and progress.