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Tsimentodomi S.A. was initially established in 1989 as “Karmal Ltd” specializing only in manufacturing of hollow pumice blocks.

Towards the end of 1993 it was acquired by Charalampos Ritsopoulos, a major shareholder and managing director of G. & C. Ritsopoulos SA (aggregates’ quarry), Expres Beton SA (ready mix concrete) and C. Ritsopoulos & Sons SA (Hotel & Tourism Enterprises).

It continued operations, manufacturing pumice blocks under the same name, until the end of the same year. In 1994, it was renamed to Tsimentodomi SA and expanded its product range installing a fully automated production line for precast concrete products.

Today, the company produces concrete elements for exterior flooring applications such as concrete pavers and paving flagstones. It also produces other complementary building materials such as concrete curbs and gutters, pumice chimney elements, drainage channels and many more concrete building materials.

The product range was broadened even more in 1997. The company invented and registered as a patent, a building block of multiple uses, the Polyblok®. The Polyblok is a basic element for the construction of wall fences and retaining walls. One may also assemble tables, benches, barbeques, etc.

In the beginning of 1999, Tsimentodomi SA invested in further expansion and installed a fully automated production line for new technology terrazzo tiles. The new products were promoted in the local and international market under the registered trade name Matonela® tiles. The production method of these tiles is a process innovation and is a registered international patent. Matonela® tiles combine the advantages of terrazzo tiles with those of natural stone (marble and granite).

The aforementioned facts, together with the possibility of producing very thin terrazzo tiles (14 mm) in practically any colour, guarantee that this new product offers a significant alternative to the building materials sector of exterior and interior flooring.

Using the same advanced technology the company produces new technology chip and pebble flagstones with a reduced thickness of 20mm all complying with the latest EN standards, satisfying the criteria for classification in the top classes of these standards.

Moreover, the company engages in trading activities and offers to the market the Bohemian glass blocks VitraBlok®, granite pavers and flagstones, tile and natural stone adhesives and other building materials.